Shantang Handkerchief | シャンタンチーフ

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A シャンタンチーフ (50cm巾) [A Shantang Handkerchief (50cm cloth)]
B シャンタンチーフ (45cm巾) [B Shantang Handkerchief (45cm cloth)]

[NOTE: Shantung refers to a heavy silk fabric with a rough surface (or a cotton imitation).]

  1. [No translation necessary.]
  2. 点線のところを内側に折る。
    [Fold inward on the dotted line.]
    裏 [Back side/inner side]
    柄 [Patterned side]
  3. 二枚裏ねて, 点線の部分をもちあげて縫い合わせる。
    [Doing something (???) to the two pieces, lift up and sew together the dotted-line portion.]
    この部分から半分に折ると 4 になる。
    [If you fold this part in half, it will become step 4.]
  4. ひも通し [String through-hole (???)]
    柄 [Printed/Patterned side]
    矢印の所より 5 cm あけて点線の部分を縫い合わせる。
    [(???) Out of the arrow-marked section, leave 5 cm open, and sew the dotted-lined portion together.]
  5. マチを作る。
    [Make a "MACHI". (What's a "MACHI"? Sounds like match? Is there a match stitch or something?)]
    [Open/widen the seam/stitch and make a triangular "MACHI".]
    マチを縫い裏返すと 6図 になる。
    [Once you sew a "MACHI" and turn it inside out, it'll become figure 6.]
    底 [Bottom]
  6. 裏 [Back side/inner side]
    柄 [Patterned side]
    柄 [Patterned side]
  7. 5 cm あけた所を約 2.5 cm 折り,上から 2.5 cm の所を縫い, 紐通しを作る。
    [Of the 5 cm area you left open, fold approximately 2.5 cm of it; Sew 2.5 cm from the top, and make the string through-hole (???).]
  8. 70 cm の紐2本を通し出来上がる
    [String two 70 cm cords through, and you're all done.]

The translation attempts follow the Japanese text in brackets - []. The question marks (???) mean that I'm either not sure that I got the correct Kanji or not sure that I'm translating it correctly. ^^;; Heh...

msword/rtf doc translation - Shantungchief_Translation_20070618

Many thanks to C. Peter Chen of WW2DB. Without his help, I wouldn't have been able to make out half the Kanji in this document.

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